lonely woman looking out window

What To Do When You Feel Lonely

Did you know that the Surgeon General put out a report last year called,  “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation” that details the decline in…

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you are unique - a masterpiece

Embracing Your Unique Gifts and God’s Plan

This blog post is inspired by Lisa Barry’s heartfelt Facebook post. Here’s what Lisa had to say: This is the time of year when the…

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Stronger Mens Conference Motorcycle

The Stronger Mens Conference: What’s Motorcycles Got To Do With It?

Inspired by Brant Hansen’s YouTube video “The Men We Need” In a recent video, Brant Hansen shares his candid thoughts on the Stronger Men’s Conference….

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for KING & COUNTRY “Unsung Hero” – Luke Smallbone Interview.

Brant Hansen and Luke Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY have a conversation about their new film “Unsung Hero.” Find out if they put any…

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From Darkness to Light: How This Ministry is Combatting Veteran Suicide

See how the gospel is saving lives physically and spiritually!

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Woman laughing looking at her phone

Laughter is the Best Medicine

If you’ve ever listened to Producer Sherri on The Brant Hansen Show on the radio or on one of her podcasts, you’ve no doubt noticed…

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Interview with @PreachersNSneakers Instagram Account Creator, Ben Kirby

The PreachersNSneakers Instagram account has taken the internet by storm, amassing over 300,000 followers by calling out celebrity pastors and ministers for their lavish and…

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Book Review Bran Hansen Life Is Hard

Brant Hansen’s Life is Hard. God is Good. Let’s Dance. (Book Review)

I can’t remember a time this has ever happened to me before, but on the first page of the first chapter my eyes filled with…

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Power of Music for Your Soul

The Power Of Music & Source of Hope

Life can be tough, and sometimes we find comfort in unexpected places. For Lisa Barry, it was music that helped her through hard times. Her…

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Love You Blocking You Brant Hansen

Surrounding Yourself with the Right Community: A Lesson with a Pinch of Humor

When you were young, did your parents or teachers warn you about peer pressure? Did someone ever say something like, “show me your friends and…

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