Share Your Prayer Request

At Christian FM, we believe in the power of prayer to uplift, heal, and connect us. We invite you to share your prayer requests with our community, entrusting your hopes, struggles, and dreams. As you seek support, we also encourage you to offer your prayers for others. Together, let’s create a circle of faith and compassion, where every voice is heard and every prayer is cherished. Join us in this journey of faith, support, and love.


Prayer Feed


Started a NEW Business and know it’s of God. Breaking through as the new company to drive up sales and customers if very hard. I know I have to have faith but it’s getting extremely harder and harder as the days go by. I pray for an abundance of calls, customers and connections to grow a God given business.

Marriage Problem

Been separated for five years from my  husband. I don’t want a divorce, I can’t live in this emotionally destructive marriage any longer.  I’m a senior citizen I don’t have that many years left. I wanna smile, laugh love and be loved. Pray for me and pray for my husband with mental illness..


I’ve been dealing with health issues recently and I’m asking for people to join my family and me in prayer for God’s healing. Thank you!