Share Your Prayer Request

At Christian FM, we believe in the power of prayer to uplift, heal, and connect us. We invite you to share your prayer requests with our community, entrusting your hopes, struggles, and dreams. As you seek support, we also encourage you to offer your prayers for others. Together, let’s create a circle of faith and compassion, where every voice is heard and every prayer is cherished. Join us in this journey of faith, support, and love.


Prayer Feed

Randy needs a miracle

Thank you for praying for Randy. God is helping Randy no matter what the evil one tries to bring against him. Just please keep praying for Randy’s success because he is a good man and he’s doing the right things and he’s giving God all the glory and just waiting to see the manifestations of what he’s been praying for. Thank you thank you thank you for Non-Stop praying for Randy especially this week!!!

Pray for my sister

My sister is having a baby. By the way, its a boy. Please pray for my sister, since i’m going to Tallahassee this week. I know its a long drive, but i hope everything goes smoothly. Also, i look forward towards being in Vero Beach in the near future. I had no idea that you guys are active in the Treasure Coast. I had no idea that you’re still there.

My brother’s health

Please pray for my brother. He has been passing out due to a bad cough he is dealing with.