Who is Christian FM?

Christian FM is a faith-based radio station that aims to be a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of who you are. We're all about creating a community through inspirational music, encouraging words, and sharing experiences. Christian FM seeks to help listeners embrace faith in everyday life.

Our Mission:

Christian FM exists to create opportunities for you to be inspired, encouraged and to grow in faith.

You Are Welcome Here

“Welcome. No really, we mean it! Whoever you are, whatever you believe, you are welcome here. At Christian FM we are a community of faith that stretches across every boundary in our community. As our name suggests, our purpose is to encourage you to know Christ and the wonderful life he has given to and for us. That’s a very personal thing for each listener and we realize that we are all in different places on a faith journey. Our simple mission is to encourage you in every moment you listen. To inspire you with messages of hope. To remind you of things that matter. Stick around. I believe you’ll love what you hear.”

Jon Hamilton, President, General Manager

Meet the Team


Jon Hamilton

President and General Manager

Paul Tipton

Paul Tipton

VP Operations of Christian FM Networks


Bruce Douglas

Director of Content


Joe Pellegrino

VP Advancement

Katie Mieras

Katie Mieras

Director of Donor Relations

Michele Pence

Michele Pence

Marketing Manager


Julie Inglehart

Development Team

Bethanne Pellegrino

Bethanne Pellegrino

Business Office