Brants 3 Things - Things To Get Rid Of

3 Things to Get Rid of To Make Your Life Better

In a video Brant Hansen made, he shared 3 things you can get rid of that will make your life better, and let me just…

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Child hugging dog

A Wandering Child & A Patient God

Lisa Barry posted an adorable video with this thought attached, and it really got me thinking. This is what she said:  “I often wonder, for…

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Is Your Christian Marriage “Out of Rhythm?”

Ever wondered about those couples who radiate pure joy even after years of marriage? It’s not reserved for the fortunate few; instead, the key to…

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Anticipation Peaks as ‘The Chosen’ Wraps Filming for Season 4: A Sneak Peek into What Awaits!

The excitement is palpable as fans eagerly await the highly anticipated Season 4 of “The Chosen,” a groundbreaking series that has captured hearts around the…

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Push & Shove Black Friday Song: The Age of Online Shopping

In 2019, Brant Hansen gave us “Push & Shove,” a song that humorously captures the frenzy and absurdity of Black Friday shopping. With its catchy…

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A Heavenly Tune: The Things That Won’t Be in Heaven

Inspired by Brant Hansen’s YouTube video “These Things Won’t Be In Heaven” Brant Hansen has a talent for using humor to make even the most…

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