The Stronger Mens Conference: What’s Motorcycles Got To Do With It?

Stronger Mens Conference Motorcycle

Inspired by Brant Hansen’s YouTube video “The Men We Need”

In a recent video, Brant Hansen shares his candid thoughts on the Stronger Men’s Conference. You may have heard about this event because of the controversy concerning Mark Driscoll. Brant’s critique goes beyond the surface issues everyone else seems to be talking about.

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Below are some key takeaways from Brant Hansen’s video above.

The Misrepresentation of Masculinity

Brant first points out the backdrop used at the conference, a giant motorcycle illustration. This imagery is symbolic of the conventional yet misguided representations of manhood. Motorcycles, muscles, and might have long been icons of masculinity. Hansen asks, “why?” That’s a good question. Why are these symbols of masculinity when they have little to do with real manliness?

Brant says true masculinity is not about showing off strength or physical skills. Masculinity is about being “keepers of the garden.” This term suggests that men should focus on protecting and cultivating their environments to help everyone within their influence flourish. True manhood fosters growth and security, not fear or insecurity.

The Real Influence of Men & Positive Impact

Men can have a significant impact when they embrace their roles as community and family protectors. During Brant’s video, he mentions a heartening story from a school in Louisiana. A group of fathers decided to show up every day to help the kids, which reduced violence and improved the school’s atmosphere. This is a powerful testament to men’s positive influence when guided by care and responsibility. Check out the full story about the Dads On Duty in Louisiana.

A Call to Redefine Manliness

Brant Hansen’s video about the Stronger Men’s Conference is ultimately a call to redefine manliness. It’s an invitation to move away from old clichés and toward what it truly means to be a man. A keeper of the garden.

Let’s encourage the men in our lives with Brant Hansen’s ideas and ask ourselves how we can redefine masculinity in ways that promote genuine strength and kindness.

Check Out Brant’s Book “The (Young) Men We Need

The world needs young men to grow up into real men. But here’s the problem: young men get so many conflicting messages about what it means to be a man, they find it hard to know what masculinity looks like when men are at their absolute best.

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