Surrounding Yourself with the Right Community: A Lesson with a Pinch of Humor

Love You Blocking You Brant Hansen

When you were young, did your parents or teachers warn you about peer pressure? Did someone ever say something like, “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”? The community you surround yourself with (both online and offline) plays a pivotal role in shaping your responses, attitudes, and even your well-being. This concept is not just about who you interact with but also how you manage these interactions. Of course, social media has complicated our relationships and how we have to deal with conflict. From oversharing to keyboard warriors, it seems social media has added some new layers to navigating relationships. To add a light-hearted perspective to this topic, let’s draw inspiration from Brant Hansen’s hilarious song, “I Love You, But I’m Blocking You.”

The Influence of Your Community

Have you thought about how people you allow on your social feeds have become part of your community? In some cases you may be learning from and interacting with people online more than with people face to face. It would be a very helpful practice to take stock of how these relationships are affecting your thinking processes and mental health. When surrounded by positive, supportive individuals, you’re more likely to exhibit optimism and resilience. Conversely, a negative or toxic environment can lead to stress and pessimism. Depending on what kind of people you accept friend requests or follows from, social media can definitely become a toxic environment.

Setting Digital Boundaries: A Lesson from Brant Hansen

Although Brant is probably not trying to teach us some deep lesson, “I Love You, But I’m Blocking You,” does point out the need to set boundaries on social media. Blocking someone on social media is often seen as a harsh action, but it can be an act of love – for yourself and for others. Filtering your online community to be a more positive influence in your life can help increase your energy and ability to deal with the sources of stress in your life that aren’t so easily removed. Try paying attention to your stress level the next time you’re scrolling social media. If you notice you feel angry, jealous, or irritated, you might consider blocking some accounts. 

“Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared.”

Proverbs 22.24-25 NIV

Embrace the Positive, Manage the Negative

Remember, the community you surround yourself with, both in the physical and digital world, has a profound impact on your life. Embrace those who bring positivity, and don’t hesitate to set boundaries with those who don’t. And sometimes, a bit of humor, like that in Brant’s song, can be a great way to deal with the complexities of social media relationships.

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