Brant Hansen & Sherri Lynn

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Brant Hansen

Brant Hansen is a toast-obsessed nerd who, when in high school, was no less than PRESIDENT of the Illinois Student Librarians Association. He was also All-Conference in “Scholastic Bowl”, and lettered in basketball and football (both for keeping statistics) and was President of his own Stamp Collection Club, which consisted of himself. He’s also an “Aspie” – diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult. And he’s happy about it. Brant is also the spokesperson for CURE International, a network of hospitals serving the poor around the world. Brant is also the author of four best-selling books: “Unoffendable”, “Blessed are the Misfits”, “The Truth About Us”, and “The Men We Need”. Making his home here on the Treasure Coast, Brant’s show is now syndicated by Christian FM to more than 200 stations nationwide.

Sherri Lynn

Sherri Lynn is the co-host and producer of the Brant Hansen show. She’s also an author, a plavwright, an accomplished stand-up comic, and a broadcaster whose talents nave graced some of America’s best known Christian stations. Known for her infectious laugh and sharp wit, Sherri grew up in church in inner-city Pittsburg but now calls Port St. Lucie home. She holds degrees in Communications as well as in biblical studies. Sherri is also a former youth pastor whose stage plays and church comedy shows regularly play to packed audiences around the country.