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We Believe

Christian FM exists to create experiences that inspire you to live life passionately and know Jesus Christ as the source of that life.  Through inspirational music, encouraging words, and serving our community, Christian FM helps listeners embrace faith in everyday life.

No matter who you are, you are welcome here!

At Christian FM, we use technology and mass communications to express the heart and Gospel of Jesus Christ and draw people closer to Him.

First launched in 1990, Christian FM (WSCF-FM) was the first 24/7 Contemporary Christian music station along Florida’s Atlantic coast. Today we operate several broadcast frequencies along Florida’s east coast, and share a large online community of listeners around the world.

We are a not-for-profit ministry incorporated as Treasure Coast Educational Media, Inc.

The ministry operates under the supervision of a Board of Directors and is a 501(c)3 organization.

Christian FM is entirely supported by the donations of listeners, local businesses, area churches and a few private foundations.

We endeavor to be a servant in the communities we reach and to use the tools God gives us to His glory.

Inside These Walls

A Reality Check by Jon Hamilton

This reminder was written for our Christian FM staff and hangs in our offices:

INSIDE THESE WALLS are the tools of communication. The equipment, technology, and resources.

OUTSIDE THESE WALLS someone is dying.

INSIDE THESE WALLS we are very busy with the work of the day.

OUTSIDE THESE WALLS is a man who is about to get a surprise. He will come to a sudden tragic death in just a few hours. He will stand with gaping-mouth before God by sun set. Between now and then he will spend exactly ten minutes with his radio.

INSIDE THESE WALLS we are planning our next promotion, thinking up a morning show bit, doing a contest.

OUTSIDE THESE WALLS is a quiet, lonely child. No one can hear, but she silently screams. There is no joy in her home. No laughter. No cheerful voice greets her day. No arms embrace her. No one offers a word of acceptance. In just a few moments, she will be fiddling with the radio dial, and suddenly yours will be the next voice she hears.

INSIDE THESE WALLS are men and women who have an experience with God. They have known the comfort of a loving Savior. They have been selected by God for a very specific task.

OUTSIDE THESE WALLS a young woman wipes her eyes. They are puffy and sore from a generous flow of tears. She has spent the night in anguished prayer at the bedside of an emaciated, dying man. He bears little resemblance to the robust young man she married just ten years ago. Despite her exhaustion, she must now leave his side to go to a job which provides the only source of income to feed three boys. As she slides behind the wheel of the car, she sighs deeply and turns the key. The next sound she hears, is the song you selected.

INSIDE THESE WALLS the warm light is available to shine on our hearts.

OUTSIDE THESE WALLS are men and women who walk in the chill of darkness.

INSIDE THESE WALLS are men and women who claim the name “Christian.”

With all gravity, make certain that what you say next is worthy of the name.