The Great Treasure Hunt

Clue #1

Will you find a key in a small wooden box? Your chances increase if you are near some docks.

Clue #2

A big impact on many sons and daughters. How could something so tragic happen in such beautiful waters.

Clue #3

This spot is a tribute to a wartime story. Just steps away from Old Glory.

Clue #4

Do you think you're a good hunter? How about some proof? Near this one, you'll find an orange roof.

kid treasure hunter

How to Play


Once the contest begins, keys in small treasure boxes, will be hidden from Melbourne to Stuart, usually near historic sites or landmarks. Clues will be revealed on Christian FM that will lead to a hidden key. If you are a registered hunter and you find it, you’ll win some real Spanish Treasure and will be a finalist in the Grand Prize Event. Your found key could lead to you winning a motherlode of over four thousand dollars in Spanish Treasure and other prizes.   Please read our Official Rules on this site.

Once the contest begins, you can visit some of our sponsor locations and fill out an entry form to win a random prize featuring $200 worth of Spanish treasure.   To find the locations please Click Here.

Hunting License (Registration)

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