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Trinity Episcopal Church & Pre-School Key #1

Clue #1: What’s a good name to give? Where’s a good place to live?

Why: Pioneer Dempsey Cain had to find a spot along the river to live. He named the area Roseland because of the flowers on the south side.

Clue #2: Something new from something old, A treasure key means Spanish Gold.

Why: Lumber from an old bridge was used to build the Roseland Community Building.

Congratulations to Keith Jacobsen for finding Key #1 at the Roseland Community Building in Sebastian!

Marine Connection Liquidators Key #2

Clue #1: A reminder of what used to be, Nearby you’ll find a hidden key.

Why: Fire Station #2 has a piece of steel from the World Trade Center on display at a memorial in front of the building.

Clue #2: Sometimes numbers make good clues, this one feature number two.

Why: The number 2 references Fire Station #2.

Clue #3: Is that a busy bridge in sight? Look near a smaller one and you’ll be alright.

Why: The busy Barber Bridge is in sight… but a smaller foot bridge was near the key.

Clue #4: Ready to serve, day or night; Search to the south, and a bit to the right.

Why: Firefighters are ready to serve day or night. 

Congratulations Liz George for finding Key #2 at Fire Station #2 in Vero Beach!

International Diamond Center Key #3

Clue #1: Plenty of room and things to see, moving in circles could get you closer to the key.

Why? There are thing to see at a wildlife preserve, and the key was hidden near a circular driveway.

Clue #2: The key is waiting, you must make haste. It’s hiding near the story of this place.

Why? The key was near a display showing the history of Pelican Island.

Clue #3: A place of peace and tranquility. Please be respectful when you search for the key.

Why? It’s quiet there, you must respect the wildlife.

Clue #4: Gone for over 70 years. Dedicated to a place free from fears.

Why? Paul Kroegel died in 1948. It was his love of pelicans that helped create the preserve.

Congratulations to Kim Orndorff for finding the key at the Pelican National Wildlife Preserve!

Sutherlin Nissan Vero Beach Key #4

Clue #1: The search has begun, plenty of ground to cover, a variety of fun.

Why? Langford Park has plenty of room and offers a variety of activities.

Clue #2: You’re looking for a key in this chase, but if a diamond is nearby, you may be in the right place.

Why? The key was near a baseball diamond.

Clue #3: Near a monument, a sign of division. Head to the west for your key finding mission.

Why? The key was west of a monument that divides Stuart and Jensen Beach. it was also on the west side of a log cabin in the park.

Congratulations to Jim Wiles for finding the key at Langford Park at the border of Jensen Beach and Stuart!

Saturday Scramble Key #5

Clue #1: Finding the key would make your day. Head to a spot where families play.

Why? The key was at a park.

Clue #2: It’s your job to find where the key hides. Fun to be had on both sides. 

Why? Round Island park has both a beach and river side. 

Clue #3 Lots of bruises and broken after Peter made his presence known. 

Why? Peter Cremer was the German U Boat captain that torpedoed the Java Arrow Round Island. 

Clue #4: A costly price was paid. This delivery was never made. 

Why? The supplies on the Java Arrow did not reach their destination.

Clue #5 Sometimes arrows hit their mark. This time an arrow was the mark.

Why? The Java Arrow was the ship sunk.

Clue #6: Are getting near  the key? Near a spot that remembers 333. 

Why? 333 was the number on the German U Boat.

Clue #7: Five places to take a rest. Looking near one of them will serve you best.

Why? The key was in some bushes near one of five chairs at the playground. 

Congratulations to Tammy Comes who found the key at Round Island!

Stitch by Stitch Embroidery Key #6

Clue #1: Finding the key, that’s clearly your aim. This spot has been known by many names.

Clue #2: Spend some time with friends, make a new pal. Maybe this will boost morale.

Clue #3: They saw things they wouldn’t normally see. Alice made sure it was the place to be.

Congratulations to Becky Millang, who found the key at the Vero Beach Heritage Center!

Kitchens by Design Key #7

Clue #1: For more than 100 years it has been around. Now a place where a key can be found. 

Clue #2: Anglers and hunters once used this spot. If you show up too, you’re not warm, you’re hot!

Congratulations to Crystal Wall who found the key at The House of 7 Gables in Fort Pierce!