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Win Real Spanish Treasure!

In secret locations from Melbourne to Stuart, we will hide seven treasure keys…

Find one, and win a real piece of history.. real Spanish Shipwreck Treasure

PLUS…. One, and only one of our treasure keys will unlock the Grand Prize Chest filled with thousands of dollars of real Spanish treasure, all thanks to West Bay Trading Company!

You could win the Motherlode! (See official rules below for more details).

If you’ve ever wondered why they call this the Treasure Coast, now is your chance to get up close and personal with the dramatic history of our coastline. It all started in July 1715 when a fleet of twelve Spanish ships left Havana for the long voyage back to Spain. They were loaded down with silver, gold, and all manner of precious jewels. But…they didn’t get very far. Right along our coast, they encountered the raging winds and pounding waves of a hurricane! All but one of the ships was lost, and the precious cargo spilled onto the ocean floor. 

Spain immediately began salvage operations, but to no avail. Only some of the bounty was recovered – the remainder hidden beneath the roaring waves.

However, in 1948, a man strolling the beaches near Sebastian Inlet found several gold coins and set off a series of treasure hunting adventures that continue today.

Now it’s your chance to win a part of this real Spanish treasure! Thanks to Florida’s premier site for authentic gold and silver coins from the Treasure Coast’s 1715 fleet and other famous sites:

How to Play

1. Register below for your “Hunting License” in order to participate!

2. Listen to Christian FM for clues beginning in June. (Make sure to study your local history and landmarks!)

3. Hunt for treasure keys that will be hidden anywhere from Melbourne to Stuart!

The Treasure

Each key finder will win valuable treasure, but only one key will unlock the motherlode of treasure
from West Bay Trading Company, worth thousands of dollars! 

Thanks to Our Key Sponsors: