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The Great Treasure Hunt Recent Clues

Carpets Etc. Key 1

Clue 1:

What a pretty spot for a playground…also nearby a key to be found.

Clue 2:

Where’s the key? Do you have a hunch? Not too far from where many could enjoy lunch.

Clue 3:

History found on this lot, but something even older once stood on this spot.

Clue 4:

Like many pioneers, they did more and more. Fishing, farming, even a store.

Clue 5

Materials from the north were sent. The best 12 hundred dollars he ever spent.

Key 1 Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Phyllis Kershner who found key 1! The key was hidden at the Bensen House in Grant, Florida. 

Oceans Unite Key 2

Clue 1

It takes some investigation for a key to be found. Don’t think square, think round.

Clue 2

A place to remember an important birthday. Not far from where both adults and kids play.

Clue 3

Find the key, come one, come all! South of where a patriot stands tall.

Clue 4

She wasn’t around here when she gained her fame, but the key is near a spot that bears her name.

Clue 5

Thanks Dr. P. You started a church, a club, and near a monument with your name…sits a key.

Key 2 Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Keith Jacobson who found key 2! The key was hidden at Pocahontas Park near the rotary fountain.