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Route 60 Genesis Key 7

Clue 1

He lost a lot when a freeze caused harm. But his perseverance encouraged others to continue to farm.

(Captain Frank Forster, an early pioneer of Orchid Island, did a lot of farming and persisted after a big freeze, inspiring other early settlers to keep planting.)

Clue 2

Pioneering a new place, he wasn't a fool. His property would eventually include a school.

(After the arrival of a number of pioneers, Forster thought it important to build a one room school house on his property.)

Clue 3

A man of many interests, a real go-getter. You could even trust him with a card or letter. 

(Forster became the first postmaster of Orchid Island.)

Clue 4

Helping Henry push into new places. The fruit of his labor put smiles on riders' faces.

(Forster struck a deal with train magnate Henry Flagler.  Keep developing Orchid Island and he could sell his fruit to train passengers.)

Clue 5

Being one of the first to live here took a lot of nerve. Honored today with a beautiful preserve.

(The Forster Hammock Preserve is just off Jungle Trail in Indian River County.)

Clue 6

It’s a bit of a hike to find the key.  East of a highway and near the sea.

(The key is hidden on the part of the trail east of A-1-A , near the ocean.)


Dignity Memorial (Aycock Port St. Lucie) Key 6

Clue 1

This place is not what it used to be, making it challenging to find a key. 

(Two connections.  The area used to be an island, Hector's Island, but was later filled in to build Front Street.

Also a big fire devastated the business district on the road and changed the look.)

Clue 2

A long journey to start anew. It's tough to find a key on the second clue.

(Pioneer John Hector travelled from Australia to live in Melbourne.)

Clue 3

Honoring a spot that's far away. Finding the key will make your day.

(The area was named Melbourne to honor Melbourne, Australia.)

Clue 4

The key is not far from a helpful sign. Keep your eyes open for 2209.

(The address of Hector's general store and post office is 2209.)


Russ Reynolds of Port St. Lucie found Key 6 on Front Street in Melbourne near the historic post office and general store! 



Suncamper RV: Saturday Scramble

Clue 1

New arrivals from New York, that's not new. But the new home offers up quite a view.

(The ship Breconshire left New York, and its new permanent home is the bottom of the ocean off Humiston Park.)

Clue 2

Serving faithfully for 10 years. No doubt the end came with some tears. 

(The ship operated for 10 years before sinking.)

Clue 3

Stories and evidence at two different places. Plenty of people and smiling faces.

(The story of the Breconshire is at Humiston Park while the anchor is at Jaycee Park.)

Clue 4

Not a good time to take a nap, I really wish we had a map.

(The crew had no maps of the waters south of Cape Canaveral, and the Captain was taking a break when the  ship hit the reef.)

The Saturday Scramble key has been found in Humiston Park in Vero Beach where there is a marker for the wreck of the Breconshire!

Lotus Gunworks of South Florida Key 4

Clue 1

Two will become one. You hear that at a wedding. Where these two become one, a key you'll be getting.  

(Moore's point is located where the Sebastian and Indian Rivers become one.)

Clue 2

Like many who hail from the Midwest, they find the Treasure Coast is truly the best. 

(L.C.  Moore was from Chicago.)

Clue 3

You’re probably near the key, I’m not kidding. Park your car, grab a table, it’s near where you’re sitting.

(There are picnic tables at the Moore's point location, just off US one.) 


Sean Harvey and family found the key near Moore's Pointe in Sebastian! 



Einstein Bros. Bagels Key 3

Clue 1

Will you be a winner? Or another loss? To find this key, two bridges to cross.

(You must cross two bridges on the foot path to get to the key.)

Clue 2

Knowing numbers can help you plenty, this time somewhere between 15 and 20. 

(The key is hidden near marker 20 on the trail.)

Clue 3

Checking the property revealed quite a sight. Stories of the past were brought to light.

(The man who originally surveyed the land discovered the burial mound that is at the end of the trail.)

Clue 4

The key is near a place you shouldn't step. It's always wise to show respect.

(The mound at the end of the trail is a burial mound of the Ais Indians.)

Clue 5

Go south and the key will be found – just off the path, a log near a mound.

(The key was hidden behind a log just off the south trail.)

Clue 6

You're getting closer, you've searched plenty, downed vegetation near marker 20. 

(The key was tucked near a log near marker 20.)



Clay Schumann, Jr. found the key on Spruce Bluff Preserve's South Trail near marker 20.


Atlantic Marine & RV Key 2

Clue 1

Sometimes they visited, sometimes they did not. You'll find the key if you arrive at this plot.

(The trains would only “visit” if the flag was out.)

Clue 2

This road is not as popular as it used to be. Don't wander too far off and the key you might see.

(Old Dixie was formerly a major north-south highway through the area.)

Clue 3

There was a lot of fruit, but not many trees. Search this area to find the key. 

(Lots of pineapples grown in the Oslo area…..but they don’t grow on trees.)

Clue 4

Arriving immigrants, I'm glad I metcha. Yah, sure, you betcha.

(Oslo got its name from the early Scandinavian immigrants.)


Key 2 Has Been Found!

Tim Wolf and his son Jackson found Key 2 near the Oslo Flag Stop just off Old Dixie, North of Oslo Road.



Busy Bee Lawn and Garden Key 1

Clue 1

A place with history, but which one could it be? The answer is as easy as one, two, three. 

(White City was formed 123 years ago)

Clue 2

A big event provided inspiration, but a new arrival did the preparation. 

(The name and theme of White City came from the Chicago Worlds Fair and a Chicago resident, Louis Pio, laid out the design for the city.)

Clue 3

They were trusting with their cash, how could they know it would lead to a dash.

(Early settlers gave their money to a corrupt banker named Meyers who ran away with their funds).

Clue 4

Time is wasting, tick tock, tick tock….you are getting warmer if you are near a dock.
(The key was  placed not far from a dock used for fishing at White City Park).

Key 1 Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Tammy Comes! Tammy found Key 1 at White City Park.