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The Great Treasure Hunt Contest 2017 Official Rules


The Great Treasure Hunt (“Contest”) is an educational and recreational promotion presented by WSCF, Treasure Coast Educational Media; and West Bay Trading Company.
Participating Sponsors include: West Bay Trading Company
The contest is open to all residents of the United States who are of at least eighteen (18) years of age except employees of the above mentioned sponsoring businesses, their parent companies and subsidiaries, and their immediate family members. No purchase is necessary.
This contest consists of two phases:
Participating individuals must register online to receive their “hunting license” at In addition, individuals must listen to the station to hear clues announced. Participants who are registered will receive text messages alerting them of when the next clue will be aired. Christian FM encourages participants to download the Christian FM app as clues may be offered sooner or additional clues may be offered via the app. Once the clues begin to air, the next phase is to find the canister consisting of a key.
At up to seven locations somewhere within Indian River, Brevard, St. Lucie, or Martin Counties (Florida), a small gold plastic canister (qualifying prize) will be hidden. No prizes will be hidden North of Melbourne or South of Stuart.
Each canister will be hidden in a location that is easily accessible during typical daytime business hours. (Locations may or may not be accessible before or after such hours). No purchase necessary to access a key.
NO DIGGING OR MOVING OF OBJECTS IS REQUIRED TO LOCATE QUALIFYING PRIZE. ABSOLUTELY NO TOOLS OR UTENSILS ARE REQUIRED TO LOCATE PRIZE. Anyone found with digging utensils will be automatically disqualified from this contest.
Inside each canister will be:
1) A key
2) Contact information for WSCF
3) Certificate number for authentication
Upon discovery of the canister, contestant should immediately phone 800-780-3692 to inform WSCF of the discovery. Contestant will be asked to leave a message giving their name, a contact number, and the certificate number to prove authenticity.
Each of the “qualified” contestants (those who find a canister) will receive:
1715 Fleet ½ Reale
Shipwreck and Their Coins Vol. #3 1715 Fleet
2 Musket Balls
2016- 1715 Fleet Collectible Calendar
1715 Fleet Bronze Spike
1715 Fleet Pottery Chards
A contestant may only become “qualified” ONCE. Only one winner is allowed per immediate household.
All qualified contestants will be invited to a Grand Prize event held at a time and location to be determined by the Radio Station. Each qualified contestant will be invited to attempt to open a locked chest after trading in their qualification key and randomly choosing from another set of keys provided by the radio station. ONLY 1 OF THE KEYS WILL ACTUALLY OPEN THE CHEST. The contestant with the opening key will be declared the Grand Prize Winner.
If for some reason a qualified contestant cannot attend the grand prize event, they have permission by the Radio Station to send one individual in their place after notifying the station of their absence.
The Grand Prize Winner will receive:
Shipwrecked Gold Two Escudos
1715 Fleet 8 Reales Cob
1715 Treasures of the Lost Fleet/Limited Edition 1715 Fleet Society/Hard Bound
Practical Book of Cobs
1715 Fleet Bibliography
Treasure Laws of the U.S.
Shipwrecks and Their Coins Vol. #3 1715 Fleet
3 Musket Balls 1715 Fleet
2017- 1715 Fleet Collectible Calendar
1715 Bronze Spike
1715 Fleet Pottery Chards
Shipwreck Bottle
AND one night stay at Costa d’Este.
Additional prizes will be given to one randomly selected winner from a registration box. Registration boxes will be located at designated locations. Participants aged 18 and over may fill out an entry and place it in the registration box. One entry allowed per person, per box location. No purchase required. The deadline to place an entry is 12pm, August 8th. Entries from all the boxes will be combined and a winner will be randomly drawn at the contest finale event. Winner will receive a Christian FM prize pack which will include an authentic piece of Spanish Treasure provided by West Bay Trading Company.
WSCF reserves the right to substitute prizes, trips, or vacations of equal value in the event of unforeseen complications. Contestants must agree to hold all sponsoring organizations harmless for any unforeseen accident, misfortune, or Act of God that should occur during contest related activities and trip. Contestants assume full risk for all contest related activities. WSCF reserves the right to modify these rules as needed at any time during the contest.